Every child has the potential to achieve and every child deserves the opportunity to have their uniqueness celebrated. At Atlas Teaching we welcome every child’s unique and diverse learning abilities and create specialized programs that nurture these exceptional qualities. Our goal is to embrace differences, encourage skill development, and build on strengths that continues beyond short-term goals. By fostering confidence, intellectual independence, and critical thinking, we aim to overcome challenges as students discover their own inspirations and love for learning.

About Us

Atlas Teaching offers one-on-one in-home academic service for students from kindergarten to grade 12. Programs are uniquely designed for to each child and tailored to fit their academic needs and goals . We provide professional support and collaborate with families, educators, and other professionals to identify learning related difficulties.

About the classes:

Private one-on-one format that focuses on the child’s specific needs. Our services help children with organizational skills, time management, note-taking, and test taking. We use a variety of teaching strategies to assist in the learning process including:

Differentiated instruction


Visual prompts

Graphic organizers

Numerous approaches to understanding a concept


Special Education

We provide educational support for children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); have difficulties with anxiety, and behaviour in a classroom setting



All students can learn mathematics and deserve the opportunity to do so. Atlas Teaching recognizes that students learn in diverse ways and we support these different learning styles. We vary instruction, resources, and strategies that challenge students to make connections between the mathematics concepts and every day situations. Developing mathematical knowledge can equip the student with the framework for reasoning, clearly communicating ideas, and problem-solving skills that can be applied to their daily lives. Atlas Teaching covers all the strands in the math curriculum including:

Number Sense and Numeration

Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense

Patterning and Algebra

Data Management and Probability


Language development is fundamental in expanding a student’s growth both intellectually and emotionally. Atlas Teaching exposes students to diverse materials that encourage students to develop their interests and challenges them to make meaningful connections to themselves and the world around them. We bring enthusiasm to our instructions and are detailed with feedback to encourage organization of thoughts. Atlas teaching uses ability –appropriate multisensory programs to cover:



Comprehension Strategies

Developing and Organizing Content

Paragraph writing

Reading (Fluency and Expression)

Oral communication

Science and Technology

Sparking a child’s curiosity helps shape their understanding of the circumstances of the world they live in. Through a cross-curricular and integrated learning approach, students are provided with opportunities to link language skills to scientific and technological concepts. Students will strengthen their problem solving skills, creative thinking skills, and communication skills through hands-on learning opportunities. Atlas Teaching uses a variety of instructional methods to focus on:

Life Systems

Structures and Mechanisms

Matter and Energy

Earth and Space Systems




Problem Solving Skills

Initiating and Planning

Analysing and Interpreting

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