About the Founder

Catherine Okowinsky has been collaborating with like-minded professionals and worked in multiple roles with youth, young adults, and families for over 17 years. As a certified teacher in Ontario, she has focused on areas in applied behavioural analysis and intensive behavioural intervention to develop personalized learning programs that fit the child’s needs. Throughout the years, she has hosted workshops for guardians and family members. She believes that the child’s family can gain the skills through educational resources and better support the child in need. Catherine honours the family’s unique cultural lens and takes a biological, psychological, and social approach to understand how each child learns and how to meet their specific needs.

Credentials and Experience:

Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Bachelor of Arts: Sociology

Ontario Certified Teacher

ABA certification

IBI certification

Public Relationships Diploma

Brock Relieving International Kids- Humanitarian Relief Volunteer